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Citywalkers was born out of the initiative of a group of enthusiastic young travellers with a particular passion for Italy’s greatest cities. Citywalkers was created to share the group’s knowledge and passion for Milan, Florence, Venice, Rome, Assisi, and Verona with visitors from the rest of the world.

If you book a tour with Citywalkers you are choosing to allow yourself to be accompanied and guided by a trained professional with an immutable enthusiasm for their city. Whether you take one of our general tours or one of our specialist tours, you will uncover the aspects of each city that you simply wouldn’t find on your own or in any of the guide books. Explore the city as a local, uncovering the culture and hidden gems that make each city so special and unique. If you have any questions for the team here at Citywalkers, we are always happy to hear from you, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Our Values

We offer daily tours

Whichever your budget is or how much time you have, we run a tour for you.

Rain or Shine

We don't stop our tours because of the weather!
We just recommend to our tourists to use appropiate clothing and to follow us.

Certified guides

All our guides are licensed. It is a garantee of high standards, also for the freetour.

Like local

Discovering the most important monuments, such as those less-travelled - but by no means less-fascinating - corners, by someone who knows all the secrets is the best way to visit a city.

Easy-going approach

Allowing yourself to be accompanied with happiness, spontaneity and you are confident you will enjoy the experience with us.

Walking tours

Our free or private tours are classic walking tours, good for mind and body.


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