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The museum of the 20th century Milan

The museum of the 20th century Milan

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The museum of the 20th century Milan

The Museum of the Twentieth Century is a captivating place that showcases some of the most interesting and thought-provoking works of modern and contemporary Italian art. Located in Milan, Italy, this museum is a must-visit destination for anyone who is interested in exploring the vibrant and diverse world of Italian art.

Spacious and Open Design

Upon entering the museum, visitors are immediately struck by the spaciousness and openness of the building’s design. The modernist architecture of the museum creates a sense of lightness and fluidity, which perfectly complements the contemporary artworks on display.

The museum’s collections are organized thematically, allowing visitors to explore different aspects of Italian art through a range of mediums, including painting, sculpture, photography, and video.

One of the highlights of the museum’s permanent collection is the extensive selection of works by some of Italy’s most renowned modern and contemporary artists, such as Giorgio Morandi, Lucio Fontana, and Piero Manzoni.

These artists are celebrated for their innovative approaches to form, color, and texture, which challenge traditional notions of beauty and representation.

Social and Political Context

Another fascinating aspect of the museum’s collection is its focus on the social and political context of Italian art.

The museum’s displays examine the role of art in shaping the cultural and political landscape of Italy during the twentieth century, exploring how artists responded to the country’s complex history, including the rise of fascism, the Second World War, and the social and cultural changes of the post-war period.

In addition to its permanent collection, the Museum of the Twentieth Century also hosts a range of temporary exhibitions that offer a glimpse into the cutting-edge of contemporary Italian art.

These exhibitions often feature works by emerging artists, providing visitors with a chance to discover new talent and explore the latest trends in the art world.

Engaging Cultural Experience

Overall, a visit to the Museum of the Twentieth Century is a thoroughly engaging and enlightening experience. Whether you are an art enthusiast or simply looking for an engaging cultural experience, this museum is well worth a visit.

With its fascinating collections, innovative exhibitions, and beautiful architecture, it offers a glimpse into the vibrant world of modern and contemporary Italian art.

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The Sforza Castle

The Sforza Castle

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The Sforza Castle

Milan, a city of fashion and glamour, is also home to a treasure trove of history and culture. The Castello Sforzesco is one such gem, standing tall and proud in the heart of the city.

Built in the 15th century, this imposing structure has served as a fortress, a residence, and now, a museum that showcases Milan’s rich past. In this article, we will delve into the history of the Castello Sforzesco and uncover the hidden secrets that lie within its walls.

The Castello Sforzesco was commissioned by Francesco Sforza, a renowned military leader who became the Duke of Milan in 1450. He wanted a fortress that would be both a symbol of his power and a defense against external threats. The castle was designed by Filarete, a famous architect of the time, and construction began in 1450. However, it was not until 1460 that the castle was completed.

The Evolution of Castello Sforzesco

Over the centuries, the Castello Sforzesco underwent several transformations, reflecting the changing needs of Milan. The castle was used as a residence by the ruling families of Milan until the 16th century when the Spanish took control of the city. The Spanish then used the castle as a military barracks, and it suffered significant damage during this period.

In the 19th century, the Castello Sforzesco was renovated and turned into a public museum.

The renovation work was overseen by Luca Beltrami, a famous architect who was responsible for restoring many historic buildings in Italy. Beltrami’s restoration work gave the castle a new lease of life, and it became a popular tourist destination.

Today, the Castello Sforzesco houses several museums that showcase Milan’s rich artistic and cultural heritage. The museums include the Museum of Ancient Art, the Museum of Musical Instruments, the Museum of Decorative Arts, and the Museum of Egyptian Art.

The Museums and Hidden Treasures of Castello Sforzesco

The castle also contains a library that has an extensive collection of ancient manuscripts and books. One of the highlights of the Castello Sforzesco is the Sala delle Asse, a room that was once used by Ludovico Sforza, also known as Ludovico il Moro, as a banquet hall. The room is famous for its decorative ceiling, which was painted by Leonardo da Vinci.

The painting, known as the “Tree of Life,” is a masterpiece of Renaissance art and is considered to be one of the most important works by da Vinci.

Another fascinating aspect of the Castello Sforzesco is its hidden underground tunnels. These tunnels were used by the ruling families of Milan to escape during times of war and were also used to transport goods and people across the city. Today, visitors can take a tour of the tunnels and get a glimpse of Milan’s underground history.

Experience Milan’s Rich Past at Castello Sforzesco

The Castello Sforzesco is not just a museum; it is a time capsule that holds within its walls the stories of Milan’s past. Each room, each painting, and each artifact tells a story of the city’s rich cultural heritage.

The castle has witnessed the rise and fall of dynasties, the triumphs and tragedies of war, and the evolution of art and architecture. It is a testament to the resilience of the people of Milan and their determination to preserve their history and culture.

In conclusion, the Castello Sforzesco is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in history and culture. It is a window into Milan’s rich past and a reminder of the city’s enduring legacy.

The castle’s museums, hidden tunnels, and stunning architecture offer a glimpse into a bygone era and a chance to immerse oneself in the stories that have shaped Milan. The Castello Sforzesco is a true marvel of Italian art and architecture.

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Salone del Mobile – Milan Furniture Fair

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The Milan Furniture Fair is an annual affair that takes place in Milan and is the largest of its kind in the world. Also known as ‘Salone’ or ‘Milano Salone’ or even the ’Milan Design Week’, the fair serves as a platform for the latest designs in furniture, lighting and other home furnishing.

Salone del Mobile is a large-scale trade show for the home furnishing and interior design industry.

A total of 2,400 exhibitors showcased their products split into three sections.
Salone Internazionale Del Mobile 2018 will take place in Fiera Milano between 17th and 22nd April.

Over an exhibition space of 150,000 sq. metres, exhibiting businesses will showcase their top products divided into three categories: classic, design and xLux furniture. This will help Salone del Mobile cover the entire spectrum of the interior design sector and its development in the next year.

The exhibitor profile at the Milan Furniture Show includes manufacturers of furniture pieces and accessories for the bedroom, dining room, halls and living rooms; garden furniture from rush and rattan and more. Additionally, representatives from newspapers, magazines and internet publication sites will also attend the event.

Group Discount

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Save 30% – when you travel in a group of 6 people or more

Travelling is all about shared experiences, so why not club together with friends or family and book one of our tour as a larger group? If you have six or more people in your party we will be delighted to offer you a group discount.

Travelling is all about shared experiences, so why not club together with friends or family and book one of our tour as a larger group? If you have six or more people in your party we will be delighted to offer you a group discount.

Save 20% – when you travel in a group of 6 people or more


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7) Group discounts can normally be combined with other promotions;
8) The discounted sum will be taken from your final invoice, not your deposit payment.
9) Walkabout Tours reserves the right to change or withdraw this group discount offer at any time and without notice.

Milan Cathedral – Duomo

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The Duomo is literally at the center of Milan. Streets radiate from the cathedral or circle it. The cathedral occupies a site that has been the most central location in the city since its founding.

A vision in pink Candoglia marble, Milan’s extravagant Gothic cathedral, 600 years in the making, aptly reflects the city’s creativity and ambition. Its pearly white facade, adorned with 135 spires and 3400 statues rises like the filigree of a fairy-tale tiara, wowing the crowds with its extravagant detail.

The interior is no less impressive, punctuated by the largest stained-glass windows in Christendom, while in the crypt saintly Carlo Borromeo is interred in a rock-crystal casket.

The most spectacular view is through the innumerable marble spires and pinnacles that adorn the rooftop. On a clear day you can see the Alps.

Opening Time

Daily 8 am – 7 pm

CRYPT OF ST. CHARLES (inside the Cathedral)
Monday – Friday: 11.00 am – 5.30 pm
Saturday: 11.00 am – 5.00 pm
Sunday: 1.30 pm – 3.30  pm
(Last admission 15 min before closing time.)

Tuesday – Friday: 10.00 am – 6.00 pm
Last admission 5.10 pm

Daily 9.00 am – 7.00 pm
Last admission 6.10 pm

How to get there

Tram 15 or 23 : stop Piazza Fontana
Tram 2 or 14 : stop Via Torino
Tram 16, 24 or 27 : stop Via Mazzini
Tube MM1 or MM3: stop Duomo